Contact Information:

Marlyn Development Corporation
Scott Troutman
Executive Vice President

Brinshore Development
John Majors
Vice President, Development

The Franklin Johnston Group
Murray Kirk
Senior Vice President of Design & Construction

Virginia Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity (SBSD)
Angela F. Barber
Business Services Manager ‐ Hampton Roads/Eastern Shore

Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council
Larry Jones
Director of Corporate Services

Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority
Hope Powell

Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority
Aaron Harris
Economic Opportunities Manager

The Miles Agency
Delceno Miles

Marcia McGill
City Manager’s Office of
St. Paul’s Transformation

Vendors attend the August 9, 2022 Vendor Fair

1. Have the 1st tier MEP contracts already been awarded? If so, can their contact info be shared? No, no contracts have been awarded to date and no projects have been put out to open bid. The opportunities still exist.
2. Does this project have any requirements for security? Yes, there will be security during construction for both projects. There may be opportunities with management or the authority for security after the projects are completed, but this will be determined by the management company in the future.
3. What’s the minority participation goal? 12% MBE, 13.3% WBE = 25.3% Total.
4. Will there be a contract for cleaning? Yes, rough cleans at certain stages of the project and a final clean before turnover to the management and owners.
5. Will the project have opportunities for Access control? Yes, for both projects (19&20)
6. If a small business can’t for instance paint a whole building, will there be an opportunity to get a percentage of a building? Yes, there will be opportunities with smaller sub-tier contractors to contract with main contractors for each construction specification.
7. Will there be a GC package to bid? Marlyn Development will provide a bid package to those who register through the website. All qualified subcontractors and suppliers who register through the website will receive an email with bidding instructions and a full bid package to bid on the project.
8. Will the project require in-building public safety or cellular coverage? No requirements from a construction standpoint.
9. Are there any contract needs for First Aid CPR and OSHA 10/30-hour training? Yes, there will be opportunities for this.
10. Will there be a list of other small contractors available so that we can connect with each other? The list of people who qualify are not typically shared, but this can be taken under consideration if the applicants opt-in to have their information shared. The Miles Agency will consider adding an option to the form for applicants to select, if they are open to having this information shared.
11. If a small business can’t perform painting a whole building will there be an opportunity to paint a percentage of a building? Yes, there should be opportunities for smaller sub tier contractors to contract with main contractors for each construction specification.
12. Do you encourage minority companies to partner together to access larger parts of the project? Yes, work with each other to gain more access to bids and projects.
13. Since there will be a requirement for contractors to provide employment metrics, will there be contracts awarding for data management and analytics? No.
14. How will you measure the minority participation, and will there be a list showing who actually received a contract award? It is based on the percentage of total contract value for each project. Marlyn Development will consider sharing who received the awards publicly if the other developers agree.
15. What are the requirements for second and third tier? Those requirements would typically come through the 1st tier contractors. Each 1st tier contractor has their own individual requirements for their lower tier subcontractors and suppliers.
16. Will there be opportunities to provide copiers, printers and scanners for the trailers of your contractors of is this something that will have to go out to bid? There won’t be from Marlyn Development because they are already inhouse.
17. We have a Class A ESC builders license in VA, is there an equivalent in NC or does the VA license suffice? Contact each state organization to check with reciprocal agreements.
18. How do I get registered for bids? http://norfolktidewater.com/event/vendor-registrations/
19. Is the Procore portal free? There is no charge for access to the Procore site.
20. Where do we find the ProCore bid site for this project? All qualified subcontractors and suppliers will receive an email invitation to bid with the link to the site, plans and specifications.
21. Will the project commissioning services in regards to 3rd party inspections of MEP & Building envelope systems? Yes, and it will depend on the city of Norfolk building department and what their current procedures are regarding covid-19.
22. Kindly comment on environmental consulting opportunity during design phase of the project. Because the grant is HUD-based, the environmental work has was completed through the VA housing authority and other entities. The environmental studies have been completed.
23. Historically bonding has been an issue for small business. Will there be bonding requirements? Yes, for the 1st tier subcontractors, but not for 2nd tier. It depends on the developers financing.
24. Where can we obtain information on the building design and amenities being developed for the Tidewater Gardens Housing Project? Once the project specifications and plans are complete to a point that they can be put out to bid through the ProCore system, the participants that have registered and are qualified will get invitations to bid. They will have access to the complete sets to the construction drawings and specifications.
25. Has the design team been finalized? Is there still an opportunity for local Architectural Services? The design was established several years ago. However, there are future projects that groups could bid for.
26. Who is the Architect? Cox, Kliewer & Company, located in Virginia Beach.
27. Is there any opportunity for site preparation or clearing? Yes, there will be minor clearing and site prep. There will be grading and other site work for utilities. The sites are mostly clear already. There will be contracts for fence work. There is no need for tree clearing. The need is very minor.

28. Does it cost money to be MBE certified? If so, how much? Yes, the fee is based on the size of the company and the company’s earnings. There is an annual renewal fee. There is no fee for SWAM certification.
29. Do you have to be certified in the VA area? You can be MBE certified through VA/NC with Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council, which will provide certification for all 50 states, or SWaM certified through SBSD. For WBE Certification, an entity can be certified through https://www.wbenc.org/
30. Will the Davis Bacon wage rates be in the construction documents as well? Yes, the prevailing wage at the time of bid will be included in the bid documents in the produce specification, but it will be updated by the time the contract is executed.
31. Do we need to have certification through a certain agency or is the SWaM sufficient? Yes, SWaM or MBE or WBE certifications are sufficient. Virginia Department of Small Business and Supply Diversity (SBSD) is the agency that provides the SWaM certification. Once SWaM certified, there are reciprocal agreements in all but 14 states.
32. How long will It take to be certified? For MBE, the book says 60 days, but certifications have been completed within 30-40 days with assistance from the office. For SWaM, it takes about 60 business days from submission if there are no issues with the review process. Certification officers will support them through the application process. Both processes are electronic.
33. Are we required to fill out the prequalification form or just send in a capability statement? We are MBEDBE SWaM certified. Yes, all must fill out the prequalification form.
34. If you have SWaM Certification do you also need MBE? You don’t need both to bid for these projects and to count in the numbers.
35. If you’re SDVOSB certified can you still apply? Yes, federal certifications are recognized. Be sure to check the boxes. The review process is still required for SWaM certification, but not other documents should be needed.
36. MBE certification website: www.cvmsdc.org. WBE certification website: www.wbenc.org
37. If you are certified through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), will this count towards this project’s WBE goal? Yes
38. Where can you go to fill out the prequalification form if you have the certifications already with SBSD? www.norfolktidewater.com
39. Is there a preference between SWaM vs CVMSDC certification? Is it preferred that swam certified contractors also get CVMSDC certified? SWaM or MBE (CVMSDC) is sufficient. There is no preference to be counted in the goals for this project.
40. What is the name of the organization that qualifies you as a Woman-Owned Business? Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). www.wbenc.org